Livin' on the Edge


Ving Bric was furious.  The Hutt crime lord Bakra had entrusted The Bastion to him and he lost it.  Avoiding Imperial blockades is part of his mandate and failure is not an option.  Taking spice from Nar Shaddaa to Tatooine was supposed to be a standard, no hassle operation, but the Empire was getting harder and harder to predict.  Ving knew that if he didn't get the ship back that the Hutt would have his head – literally.  To make matters worse, Bakra's personal freighter is docked on The Bastion.

Taking a lead from an old friend, Ving has learned that The Bastion is currently docked at Corellia for assignment, repairs, and prisoner pickup.  He has also learned that Captain Calum, a former Imperial Intelligence Agent, has been assigned as ship commander.  With departure scheduled in less than 24 hours it was time to make a move. Ving has smuggled himself aboard with a small cadre of apprentice hunters.  He will wait until the ship has entered hyperspace to makes his move…



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