Master Bounty Hunter/Rodian Celebrity


Greedo is a male Rodian bounty hunter of extraordinary prowess and achievement. Although none of his feats can be confirmed, the talk amongst the citizens of Rodia confirms his legendary status as the greatest bounty hunter to ever live.

During occasional return visits to cantinas in his home town of Yusk, the major hub of Rodia, Greedo often tells tales of his off planet escapades. He brags of his close personal relationship to none other than Darth Vader himself, claiming they were brought up together on Tatooine. He boasts of topping Jabba the Hutt’s roster of scumbags, as well as being under the employ of the prestigious Trade Federation during it’s active years. This resulted in his being handed such important tasks as kidnapping Chairman Papanoida’s daughters and son.

Greedo is far and away the most recognizable celebrity on Rodia, and while that might not hold too much weight, it certainly leads to many an impressionable youth idolizing the master bounty hunter.


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