Kale Bann

Fallen Jedi


Height: 6’4"
Weight: 190 lbs, athletic
Hair: Long, dark brown hair
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black
Notable Features: Scar on his left cheek from the fight where he killed Korra, another jedi trainee. Favors dark clothes, likes to keep to the shadows.
Last seen: 5 years ago, Ryloth


Kale was born on Dantooine and was the childhood friend and sweetheart of Dailana Laris. Taken away at a young age to train on Coruscant as a Jedi, Kale and Dailana were separated for many years. Reunited when Dailana went to train as a soldier and pilot for the Republic, the pair picked up their romance where they left off. However, when they were discovered, Kale silenced the padawan who discovered them and fled. Because it happened during Anakin Skywalker’s massacre at the Jedi Temple, Dailana believed he died with the other trainees. The reality was that he had become a fallen Jedi and had fled at the realization.

Years later Dailana would discover the truth of what he had done.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Kale Bann

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