Livin' on the Edge


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

It has been years since the fall of the Old Republic.  While the Empire maintains an iron grip over the Core and mid-rim worlds, the Outer Rim systems remain loosely governed.  The introduction of Imperial Law has put a stranglehold on the free-trade systems put in place during the Republic.  Entire worlds are being starved into submission, popular trade routes are under constant Imperial surveillance, and the Jedi Order has been obliterated.  Fear is everywhere and the Dark Side continues to grow in power and influence.

There are those who plot in the shadows to bring the galaxy back into the Light, but that is but a whisper in the dark.

For now, those individuals looking to make their mark on the galaxy must do so outside of the watchful gaze of the Empire.  The Hutt Cartel and the Black Sun crime syndicate are the true rulers of the Outer Rim.  In this world you have to take risks to survive.  Such is life living on the edge of the Empire.



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