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  • Fall From Grace

    “I am happy to report that we have space for your granddaughter at The Academy,” said the man, his lekku twitching nervously as he delivered the good news.

    “Really?” replied Ivania Tatiana Calabria, not bothering to …

  • Rebel Scum

    The man cupped the girl’s face in his hands, though he had to lean down to do so.

    “You’ll do just fine.  And you know I’ll be proud of you, no matter what.  Stosh!  You look so much like your mother!& …

  • The Hunter and the Girl

    “Mesh’kent, Mary and Jeshik!”, the man exclaimed under his breath.  “Would you take a look at that!”

    “Yes, I see her,” replied his partner, leaning against a wall next to a bank of lockers.  …

  • Skinned Knees

    Tears streamed down the dirt streaked face of a skinny little girl in blue as a gaggle of other children laughed at her. The big, bully looking boy that had pushed her pointed and laughed as blood trickled down the girl's knee.

    "Go …

  • Course Correction

    This wasn't what he'd planned.

    [[:lsr-1b]] was, well, "content" wasn't what he'd call it, but he'd accepted [[:selras-pesuc | Selras]]' plan. He needed to get to [[Ord Mantell]], if he wanted to locate [[: …