Nal Hutta

In Huttese, Nal Hutta means "glorious jewel," though few visitors other than Hutts would ever agree. Tepid swamps cover the surface, making for sumptuous conditions for the moisture loving Hutts.

Nal Hutta was not always a bog.  When the Hutts' home world of Varl fell to plague and cataclysm fifteen millennia ago, they had their slaves hunt the stars for a planet that would fit their needs.  The one they found possessed an indigenous people who called themselves the Evocii, and their wold Evocar.  The Hutts possessed formidable military power, and within a few years, the Hutts had transformed the world into a paradise for their species.

Near constant bickering between Hutt clans has divided the world into regions controlled by whoever is the most powerful clan at the time.  Hutts are never satisfied with the status quo making Nal Hutta a festering bed of intrigue, with constant political scheming punctuated by bouts of small-scale conflict between indentured warriors.

Officially under Imperial control, Nal Hutta remains almost entirely independent.  The Hutts are perfectly happy to allow the Empire to claim dominance, knowing that their stranglehold on regional economics is real power.

EotE (p360)

Nal Hutta

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