Course Correction

This wasn't what he'd planned.

LSR-1B was, well, "content" wasn't what he'd call it, but he'd accepted Selras' plan. He needed to get to Ord Mantell, if he wanted to locate Benlerfhe and the information the Hutt needed. But his fellow captives and the mysterious outlaw identified as "Ving" seemed to have different plans. It would have been foolish to remain on the ship, after they had done their bloody work.

The Human didn't seem to be able to manage the astrogation software, at least not while piloting, so he was in a good position there. When the bounty hunter woke up, he'd likely retake control of his ship. Where this left LSR-1B wasn't at all clear. So far, he'd managed to play the role of a simple medibot, despite the imperial shooting at him as he tried to repair Ving's neck. That wasn't the kind of mission he was designed for.

Having set the course for Hoth, LSR-1B returned to the galley, where the Gamorean, "Krud", had deposited the man. Despite the repair and the stim, he was groggy. LSR-1B had found several bacta-bandages on board, and had applied one to the man's neck, adding the others to his supply for later use.

"Robot. Medunit. Whatever. Do you know where we're going?"

LSR-1B considered, rapidly. If they made it out of Hutt space, he might be free of Selras' control, albeit via a form of theft. Returning to Ord Mantell would be… interesting after the events on the Bastion.

"Current course is Hoth. We entered hyperspace directly off the Bastion. Your name is 'Ving'?"

"Ving Bric. You're on my ship. But you know that, don't you?"

File loading…

"Indeed. You've sustained a serious wound, Ving Bric, but you should be well on your way to being well."

Bric growled. "Enough of that Droid nonsense. 'Ving' will do just fine. Hoth?"

"Very well, Ving. Hoth, indeed. No specific parameters were given me, other than to operate the astrogation equipment, and I felt that the shortest jump would be the wisest. Would you have chosen differently?"

"Nevermind that. Who's piloting? The girl?"

"Yes. She seems capable."

"Doesn't take much to jump. Ugh," he shook his head. "Why were you going to Ord Mantell?"

File found.

LSR-1B was impressed. The Grand Moff Tarkin himself had issued a bounty on Ving. He was class 5: extreme danger to beings, structures and vessels. Such an individual wasn't likely to want to return to an imperial prison world. But he would respect the need for secrecy in others, as long as he didn't perceive a potential threat.

"I was taken on a Hutt world for a slicing my employer had me perform, nearly 10 years ago. This was his design, as there was another on Ord Mantell he wanted retrieved…"

LSR-1B petered out. He had intended to be brief. That was likely too much information. He looked again at Ving. There was something about him. He hadn't intended to say so much.

"A break out?" The bounty hunter hooted with laughter, the first positive emotion the Droid had seen from him. "You? Hahahaha! Just like a Hutt. I wonder if he thought you'd make it."

LSR-1B had no response to that. He'd considered that perhaps Selras was getting rid of him, but there were easier and safer ways than turning him over to the empire.

"Well, help me up, Doc. We might be in hyperspace, but I get… edgy if I'm not in the pilot's seat."

Swaying unsteadily, with a hand on LSR-1B's chassis, the two made their way towards the bridge. This was becoming very interesting. A man like Ving might be the key to LSR-1B's freedom. Selras wasn't big on excuses, so, unless he was interested in drifting aimlessly towards Ord Mantell for several millenia, this was the only path forward. For now.

Course Correction

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