En Route

"Thanks Doc." Dailana said, looking down at her newly bandaged side. Thankfully the blaster fire she'd taken hadn't done too much more than surface damage. "Definitely gonna make the ride more comfortable."

Surveying the ship and her companions, Dai tried to relax a bit. It was a long ride to Hoth and the truth was she was tired, dog tired. The adrenaline from the fire fights had worn off and she could feel every ache in her muscles.

Studying their faces, she realized she didn't even know their names, let alone how they had ended up in the Empire's grip. In her line of work, she needed to be careful. Time to find out more about these people.

"So now that fate has decided to deal us the lovely hand of a frozen wasteland and being fugitives, I figured it might be nice if we knew who each other were," she started, "I'm Dailana Laris. Clearly you can tell I'm a pilot. Who are you?" she asked, her eyes connecting with the Twi'lek first and then the rest of the group, "How'd you end up in that delightful little cell retreat?"


En Route

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