SLAVE AGAIN!  FREEDOM SO CLOSE.  But… messed up.  Now here in cold cell with strangers.

Been here long, now.  TOO LONG!  Wait…

Shiny armor, head to toe… maybe droid? Maybe man.  Will have to ask later.  No doubt great warrior.  IT BRINGS FREEDOM!  I grab my stuff.


Tentaclelady has poor armor.  It falls off during battle.  I will help her fix it later.

1 White armor dead.  2 white armor dead. 3 white armor dead. 4 white armor dead.

Last white armor not threat.


Funny ball soothes me.  I LIKE FUNNY BALL!


A MAN! WITH GUN!  HE HAS INJURED METAL FRIEND!  Perhaps metal friend is not great warrior after all…

Fanciest armor and fanciest weapons do not make a warrior.  Needs fighting spirit.  Needs focus on defense and focus on kill.

Oh, right, bad man with gun.

1 bad man with gun dead.


LOUD NOISES.  A warning?  Bad omen either way.  I follow strange new friends to smaller starflier, carry metal not-warrior because tentaclelady say so.


Noises on starflier soon quiet.  QUIET FREEDOM!  Will not lose chance of freedom again.  Will help new friends, better as group.

Now must find food.  Starfliers have food hidden within sometimes…


Livin' on the Edge Magnanimal