On the Subversion of Brutes

“It’s not fair,” she whispered in his ear, letting her tongue flit against his lobe as she did so.  “You’re twice as smart as he is, and —“

She slid her hand under the covers, taking him in a soft, but firm grip.

— definitely twice the man he is.  At least.”

He grunted with satisfaction and she could tell that, despite his recent exertions, he would be ready for another round soon.

“Ain’t make no differnce, doll.  Shane is what ya call the patter fam-ee-lee-iss.” 

She could almost see him counting off each syllable of what she was certain had to be the biggest word in his rather limited vocabulary.  Kerf was a massive specimen, she hadn’t been lying about that part, but she was hard-pressed to imagine what, if anything, Kerf was twice as smart as.  She was pretty sure she’d met furniture with a higher IQ.

“But why?  You’re the strong one.  And true strength is taking what you want, the way you took me.”

His response was immediate and predictable, as he rolled over on top of her and fumbled with the shaft of his desire.  

But she turned her hips slightly, and her head at the same time, letting out a sigh.

“What’s wrong?” he whined.

“It’s nothing.  We probably don’t have time for another tussle.  You don’t want to keep Shane waiting.”

“Who cares?!  Let him wait!” he said, a storm brewing behind his eyes.

This was the dangerous part, she knew.  Kerf was prone to violent outbursts.  His affection for her, undeniable though it was, would not protect her if he lost control too soon.

“Well, he is the pater familias, like you said,” she slipped out from underneath him and off the bed.  “And you’re so much smarter than me.  If you tell me we should be afraid of Shane, then I believe you.”

Kerf rolled onto his back, his giant member like a mast, the sheets were white sails draped from stem to stern.  The look of consternation on his face was all the encouragement she needed.

“And, you know, it was Shane who saved me from being killed in that shuttle crash on Ryloth.”

“Girl, you ain’t even know nothin’ bout nothin’!” he spat. “Shane’s the one put the bomb on that shuttle in’ta first place.  Hell, he was sposed ta keel you.”

Well, this was new information, but she was hardly surprised.  She knew damned well she’d been kidnapped by Shane, and not “rescued” as he liked to claim.  She had assumed the shuttle crash was just life’s way of telling her things could always be worse.  But if Kerf was right, someone had hired Shane to kill her.  But who?  And why her?  Questions for another time.

“I didn’t know that, Kerf,” she replied, breathlessly.  “My gosh, your brother is even more of a savior than I thought.”

Kerf was confused.  “But he’s a hired killer.  He was hired to kill you.  He still might!”

“No, you’ve convinced me, Kerf.  Shane is strong and smart and…and he obviously cares about me as well.  I mean, to give up all the money he would have made on my death, just to save me.”

Kerf laughed at her naiveté.

“It’s a good thing yer purty, cuz you ain’t got shit for brains.  Shane kept the money.  And why not?  Durga don’t know you weren’t on that shuttle.”

Durga the Hutt?!  What the living fuck?  What had her family done to cross the Hutts?  It was clear to Xenia that she had been targeted to send a message to her father or, more likely, her ma-ma.  They were a powerful family on Ryloth.  Again, it didn’t matter why Durga the Hutt had put a contract on her life.  Not at the moment.  But Durga the Hutt.  Now that was a useful piece of information.

She crawled back into bed with Kerf.

“You devious bastard!”

“Er, what?” Kerf asked.

“Oh, don’t play coy with me, Kerfie,” she continued, conspiratorially.  “I didn’t see it, but of course you did.  You’re so smart.  You’re always several moves ahead of everyone else.”

“Moves…yeah.” He still had no idea what she was talking about.

“So, when are you gonna do it?” she asked, nuzzling her chin along his upper thigh.

“I’ll do it … you know, when I’m ready,” he stumbled.  Then he got an idea.

“I know when I would do it,” he said, “but when would you do it?” 

Excellent.  This was exactly the opening she had been looking for.

“Well,” she started, “if you’re going to tell Durga that your brother double-crossed him—“

Kerf’s eyes were suddenly wide as saucers.

—that he took the Hutt’s money,” she said, “but didn’t actually kill me.  To tell him that, you need to find a time where you can present him with proof.”

“Proof?” he asked.

“Proof,” she answered. “Me!  I’m your secret weapon.  Gods, you’re so smart.  And here I though you were fond of me, but really you were planning to use my to put Shane in his place and take over the business.”

“I was?” he asked.

“Stop toying with me, “she pouted.  “It’s not fair.  Not everyone is a strategic genius like you.”

She could not even see his face, considering the monumental obstacle that blocked her view.  But she wanted to cement her gains today, so she focused on the obstacle.  If her mouth hadn’t been uncomfortably full, and if his eyes hadn’t been closed in pleasure, Kerf might have seen a devious smile on Xenia’s face.

On the Subversion of Brutes

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